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The US state of New York, the epicentre of the country's Covid-19 outbreak, will allow Canadian pharmaceuticals online to carry out tests for the virus, the governor says. Labor will reconsider its policy to provide free rapid COVID-19 tests for all Australians. Covid-19 patients who are asymptomatic or present mild symptoms. A blister is your body's way of telling you that skin and tissues are being injured. Never open a blister that was caused by a burn. Now, these conversations are playing out in the open as huge swaths of the country face significant restrictions to their daily lives in the latest outbreak. Shanghai is facing its most serious outbreak yet, with 1,609 Covid-19 cases reported Thursday. The caseload this month has now exceeded 56,000 cases across 28 provinces. At least 25 million people across four cities are under lockdown in the northern provinces of Jilin and Hebei, and an untold number of others have been subject to district or neighborhood level lockdowns this month, including in the affluent first-tier cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen. People line up for nucleic acid testing at a temporary Covid-19 testing site on March 22, 2022 in Shenzhen. In coping with the surging cases across the city, the Shanghai government has distributed rapid antigen test kits to households in low-risk areas, testing more than 14 million people as of Sunday.

On Monday, the US State Department ordered non-essential consular personnel and their families to leave the city, citing the surge in Covid-19 cases and the impact of restrictions imposed to contain it. On China's popular -- and heavily censored -- social media platform Weibo, a question about why China can't relax its Covid-19 restrictions like other countries was the top trending hashtag on Wednesday, racking up over 500 million views. That's not to say life in Shanghai won't resume as it was, but the actions -- or inaction -- of the past several weeks, coupled with the constant uncertainty over the past two years about what harsh restrictions could suddenly surface in the name of Covid prevention, leaves many feeling increasingly disconnected to this city and each other. While we self-isolated in the days prior, panic washed over me: Where would we find another test amid a shortage in the New York area in time for school the following day? The emergence of Covid test resales comes as frustrated Americans struggle to get tested and face long lines amid an increased demand following holiday travel and gatherings. Because it's authorized as a primary series, people who've already been vaccinated can't get it as an additional shot or booster right now.

In another instance, in the neighboring city of Guangzhou earlier this month, thousands of people were seen in video footage trying to escape being caught up in a snap lockdown at a trade fair. Earlier this month, when the caseload stood at 29,000, officials reported some 95% were mild or asymptomatic. Officials noted they were making "every effort" to ensure supplies by supporting residents to use online platforms to get what they needed or arranging bulk purchasing and distribution. Officials have said they are making "every effort" to ensure supplies by supporting residents to use online platforms to get what they needed or arranging bulk purchasing and distribution. After purchasing them in bulk -- 100 tests for $900 (about $9 each) -- he began offering them on Facebook and Instagram to people in his local community. Joey told CNN, noting he's paid $45 for two tests at pharmacies. He said he sold 25 in one night, and 45 the following day; many of which were strangers and parents, who needed tests to send their kids back to school after the winter break. After a long winter break, my son was set to resume preschool on Monday morning. Are we more worried about food allergies than we should be?

You can usually find products made with tea tree oil at natural food stores and at some pharmacies. But for those in China who are counting the days until they can be released from lockdown, such answers may not be reassuring. Such scenes are largely unprecedented in China's more than two-year fight against the virus. Despite sealing off more residential compounds after Covid-19 cases were detected, Shanghai was reluctant to implement a citywide lockdown before the Sunday announcement. Several outpatient and emergency departments across Shanghai have been shut due to exposure to positive cases. Some hopped fences to avoid being locked inside the venue after a single positive case was found. They also explained that some neighborhoods may see control periods extended if positive cases are found, as screening will need to start again. Mackinnon said she would have preferred an earlier appointment given the rising COVID-19 cases in the Haldimand-Norfolk area and high-risk health conditions in her family, but she said it’s still a good feeling to finally have her daughter booked after nearly two years of public health precautions. Though it is not clear how many of these cases are severe, only two deaths have been reported since the beginning of the newest outbreak.

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